TMT 400LLS Automatic Gate

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Featuring a die cast aluminium motor cover that provides resistance to critical environmental factors. The 400LLS is one of the most robust auto gate openers on the market featuring auto closing, soft stopping, self learning and an integrated obstruction sensor.


TMT 400LLS Automatic Gate – Swing Gate Opener

The TMT 400LLS automatic gate opener brings added convenience to opening your gate from the comfort of your car. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually opening and closing your gate because now you can do it with ease from your home or vehicle with a quick motion.

In addition, the TMT 400LLS gate opener is a highly adaptable system. It works seamlessly with gates that swing inwards or outwards, whether they are found on residential or farm properties. This system caters to your specific needs. Another feature is its sleek actuator arms, which blend perfectly with residential gates. However, this gate opener is not only about style; it also delivers exceptional performance with its silent yet powerful motors. These motors in fact play a crucial role in its operation. Experience the smooth and quiet functioning of your gate while enjoying the convenience of automated control.

Benefits to the TMT 400LLS Gate Opener

  1. This system is perfect for those non wind friendly gates such as colour bond gates, timber picket/aluminium slat gates and gates with your laser cut designs. If you have one of these style gates, make sure to you select a system that can handle the change in force that the wind will apply to gates like these.
  2. The TMT will handle gates up to 5mtrs in length. It’s important when considering a gate opener that you take into account the length of your gate. Remember, all the leverage is at the hinge end of your gate, so the longer your gate is the heavier duty system you will want. Having a heavy duty opener on your longer gate will provide a longer life on your purchase.
  3. Do you have double gates and cannot place a stopper in the middle of the driveway for the gates to close up onto? That won’t be an issue with the TMT system because you can use the limit stops on the actual arms.
  4. Do you have light flimsy gates and require minimal force? This is easily achievable with the TMT gate opener when using the limit stops on the arms.
  5. This gate opener provides 2 ways for setting up. Firstly, using the built in over current where you will need a physical stop for the gate to close onto. Secondly, using the built in limit stops on the actual actuator arms. Both options have their advantages depending on your requirements. Setting up with a gate stop is ideal for big heavy gates where you require a solid push and hold in the closed position. Setting up with the arms limit stops is ideal for your lighter, flimsy gates where you don’t require much pressure or where you cannot place a stop in the middle of the driveway for double gates.
  6. The control board of the TMT has many functionalities from speed adjustments, over current sensitivity, ramp downs on opening and closing cycle, gate delay if required with double gates or electric gate locks, safety beam mode, pedestrian opening, auto close (with auto close override), electric latch release and many more.
  7. Quick release key to manually open the gate if power is out. You won’t have to physically remove the actuator arm from the gate to manually open. It’s as easy as unlocking with a key and pushing the gate open.
  8. Living in a residential area and concerned that a gate opener may be noisy for your neighbours. Another really nice feature of the TMT system is how quiet it is. Your neighbours won’t even know it’s there!
  9. TMT 400LLS Automatic Gate Features

    • High Quality die cast aluminium motor cover
    • Metal Worm driven actuator
    • Auto Close function available up to 300 seconds
    • Max gate length 5mtrs
    • 24v Solar or Electric
    • Easy access to limit switch for adjustments
    • Residential application
    • Manual release on top for easy operation
    • Inbuilt obstruction sensor feature
    • Soft stopping & self learning

    Kit Inclusions

    • Actuator arm/s
    • Control box
    • Control board
    • 2 x remotes (with 2 free visor/holders)
    • Post/gate brackets
    • 2 x Release keys
    • Warning sign

    Solar kit (40watt solar panel – 20A PWM solar regulator – 2 x 12v 14ah deep cycle batteries – Battery box with steel mounting bracket)
    Electric kit (low voltage transformer)

Additional information

Gate Type

Double Swing, Single Swing

Power Option

Electric 24VDC, Electric 24VDC + Backup Battery, Solar (1 x 40watt solar panel), Solar (2 x 40watt solar panel)


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