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This electric gate lock works perfectly with the E8 swing kit system – Simply connect via 2 wires from your Gate Motor Control Board and your done.

It locks using the closing action of the gate motor closing and only uses power for a short second to release the lock.

A locking device that locks double swing gate motors together so that gates cannot be pushed apart when used in conjunction with an electric gate lock.

Please note: Because of the various mounting applications, no mounting hardware is provided with the Automatic Gate Lock. All necessary mounting hardware can be obtained from your local hardware store, all other hardware is provided.

If your gate is set up in the push to open mode, the lock needs to be installed on the outside of the gate.

Gate locks are suited for all gate lengths, recommended for gates over 3.5mtrs.

Lock will only open by the use of remotes, keypad or push buttons.

If installing onto double swing gates, the gate fitted with the gate lock must be the gate which opens first and closes last.

Manual Override: Key Operated to enable manual operating during power failure (2 keys supplied)

Kit Inclusions:

  • Gate Lock with 6mtrs of low voltage wire
  • Lock Receiver
  • Lock Pin
  • Split pin & washer
  • 2 x Lock keys (for manual release) these keys are keyed different

Installing the Gate Lock

NOTE: The Automatic gate lock can be installed on a single or double gate system.

Disconnect the gate opener by removing the actuator arm of the gate. Doing this will allow the gate to swing freely during the installation of the gate lock.

  1. With the gate in the closed position, determine the best location for the lock and the lock receiver. The lock and receiver must be level and aligned with the gate opener. Also, the lock should have a solid surface or cross member to provide stability.
  2. Clamp the receiver and lock together (with receiver pin hole and lock slot aligned) to the gate, mark their positions to drill receiver bolts. The receiver must be mounted with appropriate bolts (dependent on your post or dual gate setup), not U-Bolts, to allow the lock to sit properly.
  3. Recheck the locks position and alignment, then mark its position for drilling holes. Drill the hole gate supports through the slots in the lock bracket. U-bolts and saddles can be used to mount on chain link gate supports. Secure the lock to the gate. Install lock pin through the slots in the receiver, place washer over the pin at the bottom and then secure split pin in place.
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