4G GSM Gate Opener

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Our 4G GSM Gate Opener will allow you to add users who need access to your gate and property without having to purchase remote after remote that is quite often lost overtime.


The GSM gate opener offers several useful features. Firstly, it allows up to 300 users to be allowed, and with the ‘Operating Log’ feature, you can determine who has entered your property, along with the date and time of their entry. Moreover, the ‘Weekly Timer’ and ‘Countdown Timer’ are fantastic additions. The ‘Weekly Timer’ comes in handy when you need to have the gate open for deliveries or tradespeople. On the other hand, the ‘Countdown Timer’ is ideal for situations where you need to allow someone onto your property for a specific period, after which the gate will automatically close.

You will require a SIM card with talk/text/data and preferably a long life (12months) or active plan, however not all carriers will work with this system. We have found Telstra and Optus work best.
It’s highly recommended when selecting a carrier that the site location receives good service otherwise this product will not work to it’s full potential.


  • 1 x GSM unit
  • 1 x Antenna
  • 30cm cable


  • The 4G controller is a one-way relay output control that supports 4G networking.
  • Easy simple App that works on both IOS and Android.
  • Three work modes: support APP Network traffic, Text messages and telephone remote control functions.
  • Up to 300 authorized phone numbers can be configured. The authorized number does not need to connect, it automatically hangs up and the relay closes once.
  • Relay support set time,1-999s, support App timer and countdown setting.
  • Multiple applications such as, gates, bollards, barriers, garage doors, shutters and access doors or machines.
  • Can be operated from anywhere, no distance limit.
  • The receiver can be connected to a door sensor to detect the door situation and has the function of reminding you that the door is open.
  • The receiver can be shared by QR code, the master user can manage the user.


  1. Work Voltage: 9-24V DC
  2. Work Current: 20-50mA
  3. Output Type: Dry connect
  4. Input Type: Dry connect
  5. Network Standard: TDD-LTE/FDD-LTE/GSM – Please note not all carriers will work with this unit
  6. SIM size: 12*15mm(Micro Card) talk/text/data

LED indicator:

  • Red LED flashing quickly means that it is self-checking, if flashing time is more than 1 minute, the device may be damaged or cannot find the SIM card and cannot recognize it normally.
  • Red LED flashing slowly means that it is searching for the network
  • Red LED flashing slows long over time, that means the SIM card has no traffic, the network signal is poor, the server is abnormal etc.
  • Red LED steady light flashing means the network is normal.
  • Blue LED indicates the state of the door sensor, when the blue LED is on, the gate is closed and when the blue LED is off, the gate is open.
  • In addition, during the upgrade phase, the Blue LED will keep flashing to indicate the upgrade process. Note: door sensor is optional
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