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Ultima HT (High Traffic)


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Introducing the DACE Ultima HT Automatic Gate Series
A New Generation of Residential Gate Motors

The DACE Ultima HT Automatic Gate series is the new generation of the previous Condo gate motor. The Ultima design is for residential gates and suits gates up to 15mtrs long. With state of the art technology and a strong, rugged construction this slide gate motor will stand up to the most extreme conditions. The DACE Ultima HT features pedestrian mode, auto close and many other exciting new features. These kits are available in 12v or 24v setup in Solar or DC battery operated which is perfect through those times of power outages.

The Ultima is such a refined sliding gate motor that it will allow you to control the speed of your driveway gate. Have your gate open at max speed but close slower just in case a loved one is in the way. Available at 18 metres per minute it will open a 4 metre gate in 13 seconds. The opening and closing speeds as well as the ramp up/ramp down are independently adjustable. Even faster is the HT36, with a 4mtr gate opening in 7 seconds!

Solar Kit Inclusions
  • Motor with Base Plate
  • 2 x Remotes
  • 12volt 14ah Battery
  • 2 x Release keys
  • PWM solar charger
  • 4mtrs nylon racking
  • 45watt Solar panel with mounting bracket & 10mtrs cable
Electric Kit Inclusions
  • Motor with Base Plate
  • 2 x Remotes
  • Battery to suit model
  • 2 x Release keys
  • 4mtrs nylon racking
  • Outdoor Transformer (low voltage cable not supplied)
  • Large Graphics Display
  • On-Board Help Screens
  • 8 Inputs and 5 Outputs
  • Automatic 12v/24v Charging Selection
  • Navigate Menu Via Joystick
  • Multiple Security Functions
  • Quick Nav Screen for Easy Selection
  • Program up to 1024 Remotes
  • Time Manager Controls up to 840 Events
  • 15 Channel On-Board Code Hoping Receiver
  • Ultra Energy Efficient
  • Voice Prompts to Simplify Installation
ultima steel gear

Steel Internal Gear

To suit BMGi’s standards, we have engineered the Ultima’s internal gear with a steel internal design to go with our steel internal drive gear. This ensures the slide motor has a higher life expectancy and allows our units to be more shock tolerant when an unexpected obstruction is sensed.

  • HT18 max running speed: 18m/min
  • Max gate mass: 600kgs
  • Max pull force: 28kgs
  • Max running force: 18kgs



How to check that your gate is suitable for the Ultima RT or HT slide gate motor

Regular Traffic

High Traffic

 Gate Specifications
Maximum Gate Mass500kg300kg600kg300kg
Maximum Pull Force22kgf / 22N18kgf / 180N28kgf / 280N18kgf / 180N
Maximum Running Force15kgf / 150N12kgf / 120N18kgf / 180N12kgf / 120N
Checking Pull Force & Running Force

The driveway gate pull and running forces should be measured before purchasing or installing any gate opener. Should the measured forces exceed those in the table above for the Ultima units, then the motor must not be installed. It may be possible to reduce these forces by carrying out maintenance on the gate rail but if not, then the motor must not be installed.

These forces can be measured using a fishing or luggage scale (see figure above).

Pull Force: place the gate in the fully open/closed position and pull on the scale until the gate starts moving. The value showing on the scale at the point that the gate starts moving is the Pull Force kgf. This should be checked in both directions.

Running Force: this is the maximum value read while the gate is moving before coming to the fully open position.

Checking the Effective Gate weight if on a Gradient

Gradient = A (0.3m) / B (4m)

Effective Gate Weight
When is a 200kg gate really 800kgs – Working out the effective gate weight

Effective Gate Weight = 40 x gradient + 1 x actual gate weight
Eg. A driveway, that falls 300mm over 4m (.300/4 = .075 gradient) has an effective weight of 800kgs
Effective Gate Weight = 40 x .075 + 1 x 200
Therefore, the example above wouldn’t suit either of these motors

Other Examples:

80kg actual gate weight – Fall 100mm over 4m = 160kg effective gate weight

80kg actual gate weight – Fall 200mm over 5m = 208kg effective gate weight

150kg actual gate weight – Fall 350mm over 6m = 266kg effective gate weight

Videos of the Ultima HT in action!